(BHUMS not available with Elektrone HD)
Elektrone Ground Power Units

Elektrone ground units provide high current for starting helicopters, turbo prop aircraft, armored and heavy vehicles, mining and marine equipment. They are available in various current /voltage ratings compatible to standard aviation as well as other types of heavy motors and engines. Elektrone packs can also be custom designed to suit any specific application .   All Elektrone power packs are supplied with a CE marked charger (CGR2600/CGR2800) of voltage rating 110-260V for charging the packs.


  Portable and single operator use
  Can be safely carried by air, land or sea
  Maintenance free
  Non hazardous and leak proof batteries
  Built-in heaters for use in high altitude and low temperature locations
  Thermal jacket for cold climates
  BHUMS for tracking performance & serviceability
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